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Simple Audience Purchasing


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50% or 250%




Pricing is Data-Provider dependent.

Most segments are priced at either 10%, 12% or 15%. Rates are shown next to the data segment.

The % fee is calculated based on Ad Sets that use the data we deliver.

If you have multiple Ad Sets and only some Ad Sets use the data we deliver, the % fee is calculated based on Ad Sets in which our data is being used.

Your balance is auto-replenished for $100 to assure uninterrupted service.

As our system monitors data usage, we subtract usage from the ‘credit’ amount. Your account will be charged $100 USD each time the credit threshold hits 80% depletion.


How does our Automatic Billing Work?

Deep Sync One uses automated billing to calculate data charges on Facebook.

All other Social Platforms are managed on a manual reporting basis (reported usage is charged to the credit card manually).

In the event automated billing fails or bills incorrectly with Facebook, Deep Sync One will confirm any charges with the client and manually bill the credit card on file.

When using multiple audiences in an Ad Set, the client only pays the highest rate for any data used, provided the data is from the same data provider.


When using a 10% audience and a 15% audience in the same Ad Set from the same data provider, the client would only pay 15%.

However, in the event a client uses multiple provider audiences in the same Ad Set, the client will be charged for both (in the above example, when using a 10% audience and a 15% audience, the client would pay 25%).

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How Deep Sync One Works

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Browse Audiences

Visit Our Platform

It’s free to start browsing audiences. Simply navigate to “Browse audiences for free” and enter your audience search to see results.


Create Your Free Account

Gain Access

To order audiences or to continue searching, create a free Deep Sync One account. Here you have the option to add a Facebook ad account and a payment method.


Check Out

Make Your Selections

When you find the audiences that best meet your needs, go through the checkout process. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll be prompted to add an ad account and payment method (remember you only pay for what you use).


Facebook Delivery

Start Connecting

Audiences will arrive in your selected Facebook ad account(s) within 24-48 hours. You only pay for audiences when you use them in active campaigns. Find out more about how pricing works.


Automatic Billing FAQs

How does your pricing work and how will I be charged?

When the Deep Sync One platform detects a data segment appended to an ad set, our application will multiply the media spend for that particular campaign by the appropriate data segment tier. (10%, 12%, or 15%; excluding custom-built segments, which can be priced higher.) 

The instant our technology detects data spend in your Facebook Ad account, we will charge your credit card on file in $100 increments. This $100 charge covers a 3.2% credit card fee plus all of your data spend (larger charge increments of $250, $500, and $1,000 are available upon request) and will deduct your data spend amounts from your account credit line. Once your credit line hits 80% depletion/utilization, we will recharge your credit card in the established increment to replenish your credit line.

Do you only support credit card billing? What if we want to be invoiced?

Our system is built to mirror Facebook’s own real-time, credit card-based billing solution. That said, we appreciate that some advertisers may want to be invoiced for ad spend instead. If you want to discuss this option with us, please email support@deepsynclabs.com.

What happens to my account credits if I cancel my DeepSync One account?

If you decide to cancel your Deep Sync One account and you have an outstanding account credit, we will refund your account with the remaining balance. To cancel, please email support@deepsynclabs.com. Once data is removed from your Facebook account, we will initiate the refund process.


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