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Cleanse Your Customer Data with Data Hygiene Services

Keep your first-party data accurate and actionable with our data hygiene services.

A businessman on his computer, representing someone leveraging data hygiene services.

Reduce the Risk of Data Decay with Ongoing Accuracy & Quality Measures

Enhance the performance of your customer data and combat the negative impacts of data decay with data hygiene and suppression services. On average, customer data can decay at a rate of 25-30% per year, and business data decay rates can be even higher. That’s why it’s important to invest in data hygiene services.

Deep Sync’s Data Hygiene Services

Data hygiene and suppression services cleanse errors and irregularities, standardize addresses, flag undesirable profiles, and improve overall usability. Whether preparing your data for direct mail, online advertising, or the application of data enrichment or analytics, these services create a solid foundation to grow upon.

Deep Sync’s industry knowledge, expertise, exclusive partnerships, and robust data can ensure your data is as clean and actionable as possible.

A woman opening a piece of mail, representing postal address verification data hygiene services.

Keep your CRM up to date and optimize your Direct Mail efforts with clean and accurate addresses. Deep Sync leverages industry-leading solutions to standardize, validate, and update your postal address records.

Available Postal Hygiene Verification services:

  • CASS™
  • NCOALINK® 18-Month Processing
  • NCOALINK® 48-Month Processing
  • Deep Sync PCOA (Private Change of Address)
  • DPV®
  • DSF2®
  • SuiteLINK®
  • eLOT®

A man checking his email inbox, representing email address verification data hygiene services.

Improve the performance of your email campaigns with validation services from Deep Sync. Our full-service email validation enables you to determine the validity of the email addresses in your database with ease. We use a multi-step process to analyze each email independently to determine its potential for deliverability. This includes identifying valid email addresses, invalid and/or deactivated email addresses that will hard bounce, known SPAM traps, improperly formatted addresses, and more.

Following our evaluation, we add result and action codes that provide easy-to-interpret insights about each email address. You can use this information to make informed decisions about deploying to the respective email addresses.

Two people in a business meeting, representing a discussion of suppression data hygiene services.

Not all of the contacts in your database will be able to buy from you! Deep Sync's suppression services allow you to improve your marketing ROI, protect your reputation, and reduce your risk of fraud by suppressing unusable contacts—enabling you to focus on those who are most likely to convert.

Available Suppression services:

  • Deceased Suppression: Remove deceased individuals from your marketing efforts before a promotion to prevent unwanted mail from being delivered to the decedent’s family.
  • Prison Suppression: Remove addresses that are associated with federal prisons, state prisons, county correctional facilities, and city jails throughout the United States.
  • Do Not Mail Suppression: Identify the names and addresses and/or email addresses of consumers who have registered with the ANA’s DMAChoice™ Program to eliminate direct marketing solicitations.
  • Deep Sync Opt-Out Suppression: Suppress consumers who have opted out of any form of marketing from Deep Sync’s datasets. This suppression service is proprietary to Deep Sync and does not include opt-out requests from other industry sources or data compilers.
  • Deduplication: Remove name, address, telephone, and/or email records that appear in multiple occurrences within your input files.


Deep Sync’s Comprehensive Hygiene Packages

Rely on Deep Sync’s data hygiene packages to effortlessly improve the quality and usability of your customer data. Deep Sync’s market-leading data hygiene packages and data quality processes are built upon years of experience across offline and online marketing channels. These services can be accessed directly via data transfer or through one of our Cloud partners. Please inquire regarding pricing and minimum order requirements.

  • NCOALINK® 48-Month Processing (which includes CASS™, LACSLINK®, SuiteLinkLINK®, and DPV®)
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Prison Suppression
  • Do Not Mail Suppression
  • NCOALINK® 48-Month Processing (which includes CASS™, LACSLINK®, SuiteLinkLINK®, and DPV®)
  • DSF2®
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Prison Suppression
  • Do Not Mail Suppression
  • NCOALINK® 48-Month Processing (which includes CASS™, LACSLINK®, SuiteLinkLINK®, and DPV®)
  • DSF2®
  • Deep Sync PCOA
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Prison Suppression
  • Do Not Mail Suppression
  • Deep Sync Opt-Out Suppression
  • Deduplication

Recommended Use Cases for Data Hygiene & Suppression Services

Develop mail-ready data files formatted to USPS® standards.

Improve deliverability rates by normalizing addresses between disparate data sources.

Prevent wasted ad spend by reducing irrelevant offers and undesirable targeting.

Increase match rates for digital activation and data enhancement by starting with clean postal addresses.

Why Deep Sync?

Unique Relationship with USPS®

As one of only two companies with direct access to postal data on a national scale, the resulting weekly updates provide extensive postal data coverage—96% of all residential addresses in the United States. In fact, Deep Sync’s data powers roughly 5% of all U.S. mail sent annually.

Data Solutions When and Where They're Needed

Deep Sync enables convenient access to our comprehensive suite of data and identity solutions in the cloud where you store your data, via our self-service tools, or through a member of the Deep Sync team.

Committed to Privacy

We meet, if not exceed, all applicable consumer privacy requirements; opt-outs are accepted from every state and are universally applied as “Do Not Sell” requests.