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Programmatic Ad Buyers & Sellers

With Deep Sync’s Addressability Multiplier solution, we enable Publishers, Advertisers, and SSPs to deliver ads to the right audiences at scale for enhanced targeting and optimized monetization.

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Solving the Addressability

Challenge Head-on

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, the race is on to ensure publishers, advertisers, and SSPs have access to addressable inventory at scale.

Thanks to our fully deterministic Deep Sync Identity Graph, we amplify addressability to individuals and households, solving for enhanced targeting, greater personalization, and increased monetization.

By connecting the dots between online identifiers and real-world information, Deep Sync offers audience expansion at the individual- and household levels to ensure you reach your target audiences with scale and precision.

We offer solutions for Publishers, Advertisers, and SSPs:


Maintain audience targeting without cookies for better monetization and enhanced relevance


Leverage first-party data with improved addressability and expand your reach at the individual and household levels

Supply-side Platforms

Amplify the addressable inventory available to improve monetization and support your advertisers with enhanced targeting

The Deep Sync Addressability Multiplier Process

Leverage the Deep Sync Addressability Multiplier solution for greater personalization, targeting, measurement, and security.

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Rooted in Data & Building the Future

Used by thousands of clients in the U.S. to power Identity Resolution and Marketing to real-world individuals and households, Deep Sync has been building privacy-safe audiences–not reliant on third-party cookies–for more than 35 years.

We resolve billions of online identifiers to deterministically linked known consumer profiles and integrate with leading cloud environments, data marketplaces, and digital platforms.

How Deep Sync Stands Out Among Today’s Identity Solutions

Deep Sync’s Identity Graph is built from the ground up on a framework of direct mail-grade personal information for real-world individuals and households using persistent identifiers that move with consumers’ life events.

  • Name and postal address coverage for more than 260 million U.S. consumers age 18 and older
  • Offline-to-online identifiers are connected deterministically, based on observed PII linkages for accuracy and stability
  • Opt-out requests are accepted across all states and strictly applied, not just where legally required

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