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We Put the Data in Data-Driven.

Do more with your customer data.

Turn Your Customer Data Into Your Competitive Advantage

Your first-party data is the key to improving your overall marketing performance. Deep Sync has the tools, skillset, and know-how to activate your customer data for improved targeting, enhanced customer engagement, strategic positioning, and improved marketing ROI. 

We work alongside in-house teams and agencies of record for some of the nation’s top brands. How can we help you?

Actionable Strategies

Your customer data tells a story. Let us uncover it using our data expertise and our deep knowledge of customer analytics.

Improved Marketing ROI

Stop relying on instinct. We help brands leverage data to make smarter decisions, reduce spend, reach the right audiences, and improve metrics.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Place the burden of data science and research on us. As an extension of your team, we’ll uncover hidden insights that will empower you to make the best marketing decisions.

Deep Sync’s Data Solutions

The minute your first-party data enters your CRM or database, it’s already out of date. We can help you keep it accurate and actionable.

Data hygiene and suppression services cleanse errors and irregularities, standardize addresses, flag undesirable profiles, and improve overall usability.

Available Services

  • Deep Sync’s Complete Data Hygiene, Data Quality Report, and more, available in the Snowflake Marketplace
  • Deep Sync's Complete Data Hygiene in the Databricks Marketplace
  • CASS™ System
  • DSF2®
  • Bankruptcy Suppression
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Do Not Call/Do Not Mail Suppression
  • Prison Suppression
  • Email Address Verification

Gain insight into your customers’ behaviors, needs, and wants by adding valuable data attributes and contact details.

Use this information to deepen your customer relationships through effective personalization.

Available services:

  • Deep Sync's Customer Data Enrichment in the Snowflake Marketplace
  • Deep Sync's Customer Data Enrichment in the Databricks Marketplace
  • Contact Details (personal and professional)
  • Demographics
  • Firmographics
  • Financial Attributes
  • Geo-Coding
  • Lifestyle Data and Interests
  • Life Events
  • Property Data
  • Transactional Data and Buying Activities

Meet your marketing goals by using our modeling solutions to analyze patterns and isolate key segments.

Whether you seek lookalike audiences or predictive models, our combination of data science and industry-leading datasets is exactly what you need.

Available services:

  • Demographic profiles and lookalike audiences
  • Custom models
  • Customer Insights on Deep Sync One

Transform fragmented data collected across multiple sources into a single customer view with our identity resolution service.

Advanced algorithms leverage our exclusive identity graph to link disparate data to a persistent ID, providing an actionable single customer view.

Use identity resolution to:

  • Identify and remove duplicate records with persistent individual and household IDs
  • Normalize and verify postal addresses
  • Update addresses when an individual has moved
  • Add addresses when not present
  • Add additional contact points, including email addresses and telephone numbers

Deep in the Cloud

Unlock the power of your data in a cloud-based, privacy-safe environment.

Deep Sync offers several easy-to-access, enterprise-level apps, solutions, and downloadable datasets in leading cloud environments, including Snowflake and Databricks.

Complete Data Hygiene

Enhance the quality and usability of your customer data with Deep Sync’s Complete Data Hygiene, a hygiene service powered by more than 30 years of postal data. Available in Snowflake and Databricks.

Customer Data Enrichment

Develop a deeper understanding of your current customers’ behaviors, needs, and wants through the addition of valuable data attributes and contact information with our customer data enrichment solutions on Snowflake and Databricks.

Identity Resolution

Deep Sync’s Integrated Identity Resolution service transforms and organizes fragmented data into constructs of individuals and households, giving you a more holistic view of your customers and making your data more actionable. Available on Snowflake.

Downloadable Datasets

Improve your audience activation, market analysis, and segmentation initiatives with free ZIP-level data through our downloadable datasets, available today in Snowflake and Databricks.

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