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Get to Know Your Audience With Data Enhancement Services

Develop a deeper understanding of your current customers’ behaviors, needs, and wants through the addition of valuable data attributes and contact details.

A happy group of friends, representing an audience you can better understand through data enhancement services.

Learn More About Your Customers with First-Party Data Enhancement Services

Data enhancement offers brands of all types an opportunity to gain meaningful insights into their existing customers. This added intelligence will power your online and offline segmentation and personalization efforts, enabling highly relevant communications to your most valued customers. With Deep Sync’s robust collection of proprietary and third-party data assets, you can choose from thousands of attributes to enhance the value of your first-party data.

Deep Sync’s Data Enhancement Services

When your database is missing important contact or demographic information, it can be challenging to formulate an effective marketing strategy. That’s where data enhancement services come into play.

Deep Sync’s data enhancement services can improve your brand’s outreach and marketing efforts by updating your database with current, standardized contact information and demographic attributes, helping you better understand your audience and target your customers more precisely.

Not only will you be able to truly understand who you’re marketing to, but you’ll also increase the return on your marketing investment.

    A businessman on the phone, representing reaching your audience with contact data enhancement services.

    Find missing data or fix incorrect contact data points, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, and/or email addresses. Two of the most popular solutions in this category include:

    • Phone and reverse phone appends. Deep Sync can add telephone numbers to your customer data. This works in reverse, as well: If you have the phone numbers of clients but not their contact names and postal addresses, Deep Sync can use a reverse phone append to complete the profile.
    • Email and reverse email appends. With Deep Sync’s email append solution, you can identify recent, active email addresses for your customers. Similar to a reverse phone append, Deep Sync’s reverse email append service can update and build your customer records using their email addresses to append contact names and postal addresses, enabling multichannel marketing efforts.

    A family moving into their new home, representing how you can learn more about your audience with demographic and lifestyle data enrichment services.
    Demographic data can help you learn more about your current customer base. With Deep Sync, choose from a rich collection of demographic attributes, lifestyle information, property ownership data, and more. The demographic and lifestyle data you can append includes:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Education
    • Income Range
    • Marital Status
    • Presence of Children
    • Occupation
    • Hobbies
    • Interests, and so much more!

    For an in-depth review of our demographic and lifestyle data enhancement capabilities, reference the data enhancement packages below.

    A pinpoint on a map, representing reaching your audience through geocoding data enrichment services.

    Hyper-targeted marketing is a powerful tool to help your brand stand out from the crowd. With geocoding, you can append latitude and longitude coordinates to your customer data. Leverage this intelligence to target and personalize your marketing efforts to the exact local or regional audience you desire.

    Whether you’re marketing events to those within a small radius of the venue or serving ads for new franchise locations to those in nearby cities, geocoding can empower you to reach the right audience. Geocodes can be applied at the rooftop ZIP + 4®, carrier route, or ZIP Code™ level.


    Deep Sync’s Data Enhancement Packages

    Deep Sync’s Data Enhancement Packages make enriching your first-party data simple. We’ve thoughtfully combined popular and meaningful data attributes into focused groups that you can leverage to meet your specific business and marketing goals.

    Choose an individual package or combine them for comprehensive results. These services can be accessed directly via data transfer or through one of our Cloud partners. Please inquire regarding pricing and minimum order requirements.

    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Congressional District 90% FIPS Code 100%
    County Name 100% Latitude 100%
    Carrier Route 100% Longitude 100%
    Check Digit 100% SCF 100%
    Delivery Point Barcode 100% ZIP+4 100%
    DMA 45% Walk Sequence Number 90%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Adult Age 70% Homeowner/Renter 95%
    Dwelling Type 100% Income Range 70%
    Education 40% Marital Status 45%
    Family Position 45% Occupation 25%
    Gender 75% Presence of Children 40%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Adult Age 70% Language Spoken 45%
    Child’s Age Ranges 45% Length of Residence 50%
    Date of Birth (Adult) 75% Marital Status 45%
    Dwelling Type 100% Military Veteran Present 15%
    Education 40% Number of Adults 100%
    Elderly Head of Household 30% Number of Children 95%
    Elderly Parent Present 10% Number of Generations 50%
    Ethnicity 45% Occupation 25%
    Family Position 45% Political Party 35%
    Gender 75% Presence of Children 40%
    Grandchildren Present 5% Religion 45%
    Homeowner/Renter 95% Voter 15%
    Income Range 70%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Credit Card Holder 40% Number of Credit Lines 25%
    Credit Card Type Grouping Variable Owns Investments 35%
    Donation Grouping Variable Owns Mutual Funds 20%
    Home Market Value 80% Owns Stocks and Bonds 30%
    Income Range 70% Propensity to Donate 10%
    Modeled Credit Rating 45% Wealth Rating 45%
    Net Worth 45%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Dwelling Type 100% Income Range 70%
    Home Loan Type 25% Length of Residence 50%
    Home Market Value 80% Loan to Value 25%
    Home Purchase Date 25% Verified Homeowner 30%
    Home Purchase Price Range 60% Year Home Built 75%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Arts and Crafts 25% Knitting, Quilting, and/or Sewing 10%
    Charities 20% Luxury Life 5%
    Collector Grouping Variable Owns a Cat 5%
    Do It Yourself 20% Owns a Dog 10%
    Electronics 5% Owns a Pet 10%
    Food and Wine 20% Photography 5%
    Home Study Courses 5% Reading Grouping Variable
    Home-Based Business 10% Woodworking 5%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Aerobics 5% Healthy Living 30%
    Cooking 20% Self Improvement 10%
    Diet and Weight Loss 15% Walking 10%
    Fitness 20%
    Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate: Attribute: Estimated Fill Rate:
    Boating and Sailing 5% Movies 20%
    Camping and Hiking 15% Music 25%
    Cars 10% Sporting Lifestyle 15%
    Computer Games 5% Sports Grouping Variable
    Entertainment 20% Toys 15%
    Family Activities 15% Travel 10%
    Fishing 5% Travel – Cruises 5%
    Gardening 15% Travel – Foreign 5%
    Great Outdoors 30% Travel – Vacation 15%
    High-Tech Leader 10% Video Games 5%
    Hunting 15%

    Recommended Use Cases for Customer Data Enhancement Services

    Power cross-channel initiatives with the addition of new and/or updated contact details.

    Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities with a better understanding of who your customers are and their needs.

    Develop customer segmentation and apply personalization to speak to your audience in a meaningful, relevant way.

    Inform future third-party audience purchases for more effective prospect targeting.

    Why Deep Sync?

    Unique Relationship with USPS®

    As one of only two companies with direct access to postal data on a national scale, the resulting weekly updates provide extensive postal data coverage—96% of all residential addresses in the United States. In fact, Deep Sync’s data powers roughly 5% of all U.S. mail sent annually.

    Data Solutions When and Where They're Needed

    Deep Sync enables convenient access to our comprehensive suite of data and identity solutions in the cloud where you store your data, via our self-service tools, or through a member of the Deep Sync team.

    Committed to Privacy

    We meet, if not exceed, all applicable consumer privacy requirements; opt-outs are accepted from every state and are universally applied as “Do Not Sell” requests.