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Take your marketing to the next level by leveraging your customer data and third-party datasets to enhance your targeting and improve your results.

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Meet Your New Data Team.

Deep Sync has the skillset and know-how to activate your customer data for improved targeting, enhanced customer engagement, strategic positioning, and improved marketing ROI. We work alongside in-house teams and agencies of record for some of the nation’s top brands. How can we help you?

Actionable Strategies

Your customer data tells a story. Let us uncover it using our data expertise and our deep knowledge of customer analytics.

Improved Marketing ROI

Make guesswork a thing of the past. We help brands leverage data to make smarter decisions, reduce spend, reach the right audiences, and improve metrics.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Place the burden of data science and audience targeting on us. As an extension of your team, we’ll uncover hidden insights that will empower you to make the best marketing decisions.

Go Beyond Data

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Marketing in an Omnichannel World

One size doesn’t fit all, and one strategy won’t meet all your marketing challenges. Our tenured team of data scientists and marketing experts is ready to take on the arduous task of connecting the right data and channels to deliver a seamless experience for your current and prospective customers.

Schedule a consultation today to see how our team can best serve you. All data-driven marketing challenges welcomed.

Make Sense of Your Customer Data

A partnership with Deep Sync means a sharpened lens into your customers’ activities and needs as it relates to your brand. Our custom solutions enable a unified view of your customers and prospects, including their buying behavior with your brand, as well as their interests, life events, online behaviors, and more.

Allow our experts to convert your data into the insight you need to make smarter marketing decisions, produce more effective campaigns, and deliver steady ROI.

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Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Increase the performance of your brand’s data as you combat the negative impacts of data decay through the application of hygiene and suppression services. Data hygiene and suppression services cleanse errors and irregularities, standardize addresses, flag undesirable profiles, and improve overall usability. Whether preparing your customer data for direct mail, online advertising, or for the application of data services, data hygiene and suppression create a solid foundation to build upon.

Learn more about our data hygiene and suppression services.

Develop a deeper understanding of your current customers’ behaviors, needs, and wants by adding valuable data attributes and contact details to your database. Data enhancement enables brands to gain meaningful insights into their existing customers. This added intelligence will power your online and offline segmentation and personalization efforts while enabling highly relevant communications to your most valued customers. With Deep Sync’s robust collection of third-party data assets, you can choose from thousands of attributes to enhance the value of your first-party data.

Learn more about our data enhancement services.

Reach more of your customers on social. With Enhanced Onboarding available in the Deep Sync One platform, you can reach more of your customers via social channels, ensuring your product and service offerings remain top of mind. Our Enhanced Onboarding process matches your first-party data to Deep Sync’s robust identity graph. The inclusion of our digital identifiers, including MAIDS, improves the outcome of your onboarding results with increased match rates by 25%. 

Learn more about Enhanced Onboarding when you visit Deep Sync One.

Experience the ultimate level of flexibility in accessing and using Deep Sync’s datasets. Brands electing to invest in an install license will receive files on a predefined update schedule that can be utilized for direct marketing, digital marketing, data enhancement, modeling, and analytics/measurement. This solution is ideal for large-volume marketers where managing multiple transactional data files is no longer effective or efficient.

Contact us to learn more about our data licensure solution.

Gain instant access to thousands of deterministic and probabilistic audience segments from the
nation’s leading data providers and marketplaces when you create a Deep Sync One account. Deep Sync One, an audience-building platform and data marketplace, features a vast collection of B2C and B2B audience segments that can be delivered directly to your programmatic or social media accounts. Our pricing is fully transparent and clearly displayed within each audience segment.

Begin audience targeting today by visiting Deep Sync One and browsing for free!

Better understand your customers and inform future data buying decisions. With Customer Insights, upload your first-party data to generate a detailed report made possible by matching to Deep Sync’s identity graph of more than 260 million U.S. consumers. A series of user-defined identifiers enables Deep Sync to search for and identify consumers within our graph. The result is an actionable demographic insights report and corresponding audience recommendations for your future marketing initiatives.

Explore Customer Insights today when you visit Deep Sync One.

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