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Unlock New Insights with Customer Profiling & Analytics

Discover trends in your customer data, identify lookalike audiences, and predict marketing outcomes with Deep Sync.

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Optimize Campaigns & Increase Engagement with Data Analytics

 Leverage Customer Profiling and Analytics to focus your sales and marketing efforts, reduce marketing spend, guide product decisions, and ultimately allow for better alignment across your organization. Remove the guesswork and make the most effective use of your marketing resources.

Deep Sync’s Customer Profiling & Analytics Services

Move beyond assumption-based marketing. Whether you seek demographically-driven lookalike audiences or predictive models, Deep Sync has the data science expertise to execute, using industry-leading datasets and techniques.

    Twin girls, representing a lookalike audience.

    Discover similarities in your customer base and identify lookalike audiences with a SnapShot profile report from Deep Sync. Snapshot statistically profiles your best customers and creates a prospective audience of demographic lookalikes.

    Made possible by matching your loyalty data to our comprehensive database of U.S. consumers, SnapShot reveals detailed demographic and firmographic information about your customers that you can leverage for your buyer persona development and creation of lookalike audiences.

    Break down walled gardens with a lookalike audience you can activate across channels. While platform-specific lookalike audiences waste ad spend and lead to disparate targeting, Deep Sync's approach allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers, build a portable lookalike audience, and deliver that audience to your relevant channels.

    A couple looking at a phone, representing reaching your audience with enhanced customer insights.

    Deep Sync’s Customer Insights is an automated customer profiling service that helps brands better understand their customers and inform future data buying decisions—in the Deep Sync One platform.

    With Customer Insights, upload your first-party data directly into Deep Sync One. We’ll compare your customer data to our robust identity graph. The result is an actionable demographic insights report and corresponding audience recommendations for future marketing initiatives.

    Explore Customer Insights today when you make an account with Deep Sync One.

    A man looking at a data report, representing a custom customer profiling model.

    Use predictive analytics to move beyond demographic insights to predict response and purchase behavior from your customers and prospects.

    These insights enable marketers to seamlessly craft ideal target audiences, predict realistic media budgets, and identify key performance indicators. Results can be fed back into the model for ongoing analysis and audience optimization.

    Custom models are available for customer loyalty, retention, and attrition initiatives as well as acquisition efforts, including response and conversion.

    Recommended Use Cases for Customer Profiling & Analytics Services

    Determine the traits that specific audiences have and how they differ from other segments of your current customers.

    Concentrate marketing efforts and resources on the audiences most likely to provide the highest ROI.

    Create informed, targeted prospect audiences for acquisition initiatives based on model outcomes.

    Gain insight into your organization’s potential opportunities.

    Why Deep Sync?

    Unique Relationship with USPS®

    As one of only two companies with direct access to postal data on a national scale, the resulting weekly updates provide extensive postal data coverage—96% of all residential addresses in the United States. In fact, Deep Sync’s data powers roughly 5% of all U.S. mail sent annually.

    Data Solutions When and Where They're Needed

    Deep Sync enables convenient access to our comprehensive suite of data and identity solutions in the cloud where you store your data, via our self-service tools, or through a member of the Deep Sync team.

    Committed to Privacy

    We meet, if not exceed, all applicable consumer privacy requirements; opt-outs are accepted from every state and are universally applied as “Do Not Sell” requests.