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Fine-Tune Your Student Marketing with Best-in-Class Youth Data

Reach & Engage Student Athletes College-Bound Seniors Prom-Goers SAT Preppers Back-to-School Shoppers

Get in front of your target audience with Deep Sync’s self-reported student and youth marketing data.

A woman wearing bright clothing, a beanie, and headphones, representing someone you can reach with student marketing data.
The segments you can reach with Deep Sync’s youth and student marketing data.

 Why Deep Sync?

Here’s How We Make Getting in Front of Young Adults & Their Parents Easier Than Ever

Fast, Reliable, Actionable.

Be the first to reach your target audience with the best student and youth marketing data on the market. Our monthly updates and distinct, self-reported data sources make us the leading source of youth and student marketing data.

Reach Your Audience Across Channels.

Most marketers target fragmented audiences with fragmented messaging. Deep Sync makes it easy to activate your audience across online and offline channels. That’s the Deep Sync difference.

No Second Guessing.

With our SOC 2 Type II certification and decades of experience, you can count on Deep Sync to help you reach your next best customer.

More Data = More Business. 

Our proprietary national survey enables extensive coverage, including more than a quarter of high school students and 60% of college students nationwide. So, you’ll get millions of records that your competitors don’t have access to.

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Simple to Activate

Working with Deep Sync is Easy

Find Your Perfect Match

Choose from hundreds of pre-packaged student and youth data segments in the Deep Sync One marketplace. Some examples of our audiences include:

  • Millennials and Gen Z
  • First-time drivers
  • College students by year
  • Prom shoppers
  • Military intent
  • Graduation gift buyers
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Custom Audiences to Fit Your Needs

Looking for specific audiences? We have you covered.

Create your own custom or lookalike audience with the help of our data experts.

A Success Story

How Our Student and Youth Marketing Data Has Helped Clients

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14 Million Postal Addresses & 8.4 Million Records for Digital and Social Use Put in Action

A national retailer seeking to increase exposure among back-to-school shoppers partnered with Deep Sync to target college students by year and the parents of those students. The client reported increased traffic and online orders. Additionally, they renewed their cross-platform initiative using both college student and parent data.

With access to data for over 83 million students and 90 million young adults, Deep Sync drives real results—both online and offline.

Talk With Our Experts &

Get Started Today!

Find and build your target audience with the help of one of our data experts. Then, leverage Deep Sync’s easy-to-activate solutions to reach your exact audience across channels.


Build Your Student or Youth Audience Once and Activate it Everywhere

Direct Mail

Our audiences resolve to known PII and carry a number of identifiers—including complete postal addresses—for your direct mail initiatives.


All third-party email offers are preceded by a welcome message enabling users to opt out, which ensures optimized, responsive student marketing data for your email marketing initiatives.

 Digital & Social

Distribute our student and youth audiences to your choice of more than 700 digital and social destinations.

Gen Z comprises roughly 27% of the United States population, so effectively reaching this demographic can present a huge opportunity.


As more members of Gen Z enter the workforce, their spending power increases. In fact, this young demographic is expected to have $360 billion in disposable income. And as digital natives, it’s increasingly important to reach this audience online.

Fine-tune your student marketing with best-in-class, privacy-first youth data.