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Develop Your Unique Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Let those third-party cookies crumble. With Deep Sync, you can identify and target your ideal audience across all online channels without relying on cookies.

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Transform Your Digital Strategy with Third-Party Data

Deep Sync powers agencies and brands with unmatched audience insights, unsurpassed reach, and unrivaled expertise. By combining the industry’s most comprehensive data with easy-to-activate solutions, Deep Sync powers billions of privacy-first data connections for thousands of customers annually.

How Deep Sync Supports Your Data-Driven Marketing Efforts

We connect online and offline identities to enable one-to-one communications with your desired audiences.

How can Deep Sync help you?

Depend On a Trusted Partner with a Rich, Multi-Decade History of Data Compilation

  • Experience unparalleled access to our privacy-first, proprietary audiences, and the nation’s leading third-party datasets
  • Our 3-dimensional data solution is a highly accurate offline-to-online identity asset that includes personal information on 97% of U.S. consumers age 18 and older
  • We link billions of online identifiers to known individuals and households, including HEMs, MAIDs, IPs, and more
  • We enable access to hundreds of demographic, firmographic, lifestyle, property, and geographic attributes for precise online targeting
  • Be confident knowing that strict federal and state-level privacy compliance is observed with all Deep Sync data

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A group of friends smiling, representing people you can target with data-driven digital marketing services.

Identify Your Desired Audience from Deep Sync’s Array of Datasets

  • Access our residential, consumer, business, new mover, new homeowner, student, and young adult datasets
  • Leverage our robust 250+ million record identity graph with coverage of 96% of residential addresses for a variety of targeting applications

Create Your Own Digital Audiences Online 24/7 with Deep Sync One

  • Create precise social and programmatic audiences on demand when you visit one.deepsync.com
  • Gain instant access to thousands of audience segments from leading providers and marketplaces
  • Search desired audiences by keyword or apply filters to quickly refine your results
  • Receive delivery of your audiences within hours and only pay for the data you use
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Elevate Your Targeting Initiatives with Custom Audiences

  • Blend datasets and segments into bespoke audiences that meet your campaign’s specific needs
  • Use these audiences for targeting across online and offline channels
  • Receive detailed targeting recommendations from a Deep Sync data expert
  • Trust our team’s expertise to inform your audience creation and delivery

Improve Marketing Performance By Leveraging Your Customer Data

  • Reduce the risk of data decay with ongoing quality and accuracy measures, which enables better online targeting and reduces wasted media spend
  • Reveal previously unknown insights about your current customers with first-party data enrichment or our automated Customer Insights tool
  • Improve acquisition efforts with lookalike audiences and predictive modeling
  • Leverage our Enhanced Onboarding solution to reach more of your customers online
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Find Deep Sync Data Where It’s Needed, When It’s Needed

  • Log in to Deep Sync One to find and activate off-the-shelf audiences or build a custom audience
  • Visit the LiveRamp and Oracle Data Marketplaces to find popular Deep Sync audiences
  • Find Deep Sync in the Snowflake Marketplace for a variety of audience activation and offline conversion applications for Facebook and TikTok advertising
  • Contact us to discuss our audience targeting capabilities and data services across platforms



Reach the Same, Exact Audience on All Channels with Deep Sync for True Omnichannel Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Activate highly targeted, hard-to-reach audiences on social media. Deep Sync One allows easy audience building and self-service activation on both Meta and TikTok. Our Enhanced Onboarding allows you to reach more of your current customers on social media by improving your offline-to-online social onboarding results. Or, connect your offline conversions to Facebook or TikTok easily with Snowflake, allowing you to determine how many customers engaged with your ads prior to converting.

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Display & Programmatic Advertising

Deep Sync has exclusive partnerships with The Trade Desk and Google DV360 which enable display and programmatic advertising with industry-leading DSPs. Use our self-service platform, Deep Sync One, to activate audiences from our Marketplace and Audience Builder, which feature thousands of segments from leading data providers, including Deep Sync.

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Connected TV Advertising

Our exclusive partnership with MNTN enables 3 core solutions for our customers. First, Deep Sync powers customer onboarding on MNTN by leveraging our Identity Graph to tie email, phone, and address data to customer IP addresses. Second, as the first direct branded dataset in MNTN, our high-quality and timely life-stage data powers high-performing campaigns that convert. And last, MNTN will soon be a destination in the Deep Sync One platform for easy, self-service Connected TV activation.

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Email Marketing

With the ability to select from hundreds of consumer attributes and access the highest-quality, opt-in email lists, our targeted data is the foundation for high-performing email campaigns. Create highly-targeted email audiences for personalized prospect campaigns that pair well with a multitude of marketing channels, including direct mail.

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Why Deep Sync is the Right Choice for Your Data-Driven Digital Marketing Needs

Unique Compilations

Leverage Deep Sync’s robust collection of unique datasets and attributes for improved cross-channel targeting and customer data enrichment.

A Focus on Privacy

Trust that our best-in-class, third-party audiences are always clean and meet, if not exceed, all privacy compliance guidelines.

High-Quality Data

Rely on our meticulous data management
practices for the highest quality, most accurate  audiences available.

Simplified Activation

Utilize our data to target the same, exact audience across all relevant channels, including direct mail, email, and online destinations.