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Reach New Customers with Email Acquisition

Convert prospects into customers through high-performing email acquisition campaigns with the help of Deep Sync data.

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What Is Email Acquisition?

Email acquisition is the process of using email campaigns to grow your customer base. This strategy involves sending emails to prospective customers who are likely to be interested in your offerings.

Each successive email in your acquisition email campaign pushes the prospect closer to conversion. With a carefully crafted email marketing audience from Deep Sync, you can ensure you’re targeting prospects with the highest chance of converting.

The Need for Effective Email Acquisition

With so many marketing channels, why should businesses still rely on email?

Check out these statistics that illustrate the prevailing power of email acquisition.

38% of brands are increasing their email budgets.

In the age of third-party cookie deprecation, cookieless targeting solutions are more important than ever.

While many businesses have historically used cookies to generate leads and target prospects, they’re now investing in other ways to use third-party data, including email acquisition campaigns.

Someone with a calculator creating an email acquisition budget
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85% of eCommerce marketers focus their email strategies on increasing brand awareness.

You likely already send a variety of emails to your current customers—whether those include newsletters, product updates, promotions, or transactional communications.

However, more marketers are shifting to prioritize emails that increase brand awareness and help acquire new customers.

4 out of 5 marketers personalize their email communications using data.

Sending emails to prospects shouldn’t be a shot in the dark.

Most marketers rely on data to personalize their email marketing campaigns and speak directly to prospects’ demographics, needs, interests, and pain points.

A group of friends, representing people you can personalize your email acquisition campaign to
A happy woman on a computer, representing a potential customer you can reach through email acquisition marketing

Go a step further with personalizing your email communications by implementing segmentation.

Grouping your prospects by similar characteristics enables you to send batches of emails that resonate with each segment, increasing the chances they’ll convert.



Create Highly Targeted Email Acquisition Campaigns with Deep Sync Data

With Deep Sync data, you can develop personalized, data-driven email acquisition campaigns that successfully convert prospects into customers.

Leverage our comprehensive datasets or build your own custom audience for your specific business needs.


Email Acquisition Use Cases with Deep Sync Data

Back-to-School Campaign

Target college students with a back-to-school email acquisition campaign using our student data.

Local Business Outreach

Promote your business to people who have recently moved to the area with our new mover and new homeowner data.

Political Advertising

Encourage registered voters of your party to vote in an upcoming election using our political audiences.

Want to Build Your Own Email Audience?

Email Acquisition Best Practices

Email list churn—when recipients on your email list hit the “unsubscribe” button—is a challenge for any email marketer. However, it’s especially difficult to avoid for acquisition marketing campaigns; it’s easy to opt out from communications when you’ve only received one initial, top-of-the-funnel email!

One of the best ways to prevent churn is to start with strong email lists. Here are a few tips and best practices to help your team make the most of your campaign.


Send emails to third-party lists as soon as possible.

Send an initial welcome email with an opt-out link as soon as you receive your email list from your data partner. Purchased lists decay over time, so use them as soon as you can.

Choose the subject line wisely.

Because you only have a few seconds to make a good impression, every part of the email counts. Great emails include impactful subject lines, effective use of emojis, well-thought-out copy, and dynamic visuals.

Make it easy to sign up for your email list.

Don’t bury your email list sign-up in your website’s footer. Consider including an easy-to-find link in the header of your email.

Build your audience using top data sources.

Rather than purchasing generic email lists from low-quality providers, invest in high-quality, privacy-safe, and precisely-targeted audiences.

Send a well-developed series of emails that inspire action.

The best prospect email campaigns include a series of thoughtful messages that are short, sweet, and to the point. One main CTA that is clear and easy to find is also super important.

Re-engage dormant customers.

If a prospect is opening your emails less frequently than before, prevent churn by sending an email that re-engages them.

Respect “unsubscribe” requests.

If a prospect chooses to unsubscribe from your email list, respect that decision and remove them from your email list.

Why Deep Sync is the Right Choice for Your Email Acquisition Needs

Unique Compilations

Leverage Deep Sync’s robust collection of unique datasets and attributes for improved email targeting.

A Focus on Privacy

Trust that our best-in-class, third-party audiences are always clean and meet, if not exceed, all privacy compliance guidelines.

High-Quality Data

Rely on our meticulous data management
practices for the highest quality, most accurate audiences available.

Simplified Activation

Utilize our data to target the same, exact audience across all relevant channels, including direct mail, email, and online destinations.