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Reach New Audiences with Comprehensive Marketing Lists

Find New Customers With Residential Data Consumer Data Business Data Homeowner Data Voter Data Student Data

Easily expand your customer base and grow your audience with Deep Sync’s marketing list capabilities.

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Identify & Target New Customers with Ease

Expanding your audience has never been easier. Deep Sync offers hyper-specific marketing lists that allow you to identify potential customers and start targeting them almost instantly.

We have compiled data from more than 250 million consumers and 27 million businesses, so you have an expansive array of new prospects to discover. Ready to dive in?

Our On-Demand Marketing Lists

Reach new audiences—online and offline—with carefully crafted marketing lists for a variety of business needs and goals.

Resident Lists

Residential mailing lists, also known as resident/occupant or res/occ data, enable marketers to reach every mailable residential address within a given geographical area. Resident Data is ideal for spreading the news about a new shop in the neighborhood or sending coupons to drum up sales for a nail salon or handyman service.

Deep Sync has been in the Resident Data space for over 30 years. Our exclusive partnership with the USPS® enables access to 164MM residents, meaning we have coverage on 96% of the nation’s addresses.

Leverage resident data to reach your target audience using Direct Mail:

  • Carrier Route Saturation
  • Residential Addresses
  • Business Addresses
  • Mapping
  • Postal Presorts

Resident Data can be purchased online in our legacy Resident Direct database or through our Client Support Team. Call (888) 970-7248, Option 5 to get started!

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Two people looking at a phone in a mall, representing customers you can reach with consumer marketing lists.

Consumer Lists

With our exclusive datasets, you can target consumers based on their specific behaviors, wants, and needs. Build your Direct Mail, Email, or Digital audience with attributes including:

  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Presence of Children
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Ethnicity
  • Hobbies or Interests
  • Household Income
  • Household Composition
  • Pet Ownership
  • Religion, and more!

Consumer Data for Direct Mail can be purchased online in our legacy Consumer Direct database. For social & programmatic campaigns, custom audiences and pre-packaged segments are available on Deep Sync One.

Business Lists

Connect with B2B prospects across channels with high-quality business marketing data. Business audiences can include information like:

  • Type of Business
  • Number of Employees
  • Sales Volume
  • Job Titles
  • Contact Information
Business Data for Direct Mail can be purchased online in our legacy database. For social & programmatic campaigns, custom audiences and pre-packaged segments are available on Deep Sync One.
Three people working in an office, representing customers you can reach with business marketing lists.
A group of students, representing customers you can reach with specialty marketing lists.

Specialty Data

Do you need to target a niche audience that’s uniquely aligned with your company’s offerings? Deep Sync has specialty targeted data offerings for:
  • Pre-Movers, New Movers, and New Homeowners
  • Professional Contacts
  • Doctors or Nurses by Practice Type
  • Registered Voters by Party
  • Teachers by Grade or Subject
  • College Students
Specialty Data for Direct Mail can be purchased online in our legacy databases. For social & programmatic campaigns, custom audiences and pre-packaged segments are available on Deep Sync One.

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Choose from Hundreds of Pre-Packaged Audience Segments

Dive into Deep Sync One

Our platform, Deep Sync One, provides data segments from the nation’s leading providers and data marketplaces to create and target your ideal audience.


Find and target hard-to-reach audiences, enabling you to boost ROI.

Use Deep Sync One’s Audience Builder to combine segments into custom digital and social media audiences.

Receive your marketing audience data within hours, and only pay for the data you use.

Activate your audience easily using our direct integrations with social platforms and DSPs.

Trust Deep Sync to Build Your Marketing Audience

We do Data the Right Way.

We take a future-proofed approach to privacy by propagating any opt-outs we receive (including “Do Not Market/Sell/Send” requests) across all datasets and all channels, forever.

We’re SOC 2 Type II and CCPA compliant and already comply with the raft of new state legislations.


Over the past three decades, our datasets have empowered the marketing efforts of agencies and companies of all sizes and across a variety of industries, including Insurance, Finance, Retail, Real Estate, Telecommunications, and Hospitality.


Using Deep Sync One, you can build your marketing audience and activate it on your desired digital channel—including Facebook, TikTok, The Trade Desk, and Google DV360—within 24-48 hours.

Data When and Where It’s Needed

Our access to data—paired with extensive industry partnerships—enables us to easily transform and activate audiences across channels without intensive client-side intervention.

With Deep Sync, you can experience true omnichannel access with online, offline, and cloud offerings.