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AccuData Integrated Marketing is now Deep Sync.

The same direct marketing expertise. The same powerful data partnerships. The same high-quality data and solutions. Now with an even “deeper” product suite than before.

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Under the fearless leadership of industry trailblazers Pieter De Temmerman, Grant Ries, and Pat Wiley, some of the data industry’s most well-known data brands have been reorganized under a new brand: Deep Sync. The new entity comes with a renewed focus on providing its customers with high-quality audiences that can be activated seamlessly in direct mail, email, social, display, and CTV campaigns, as well as leveraged for marketing and analytical applications.

Deep Sync is committed to providing marketers and agencies access to privacy-safe audiences for offline and online uses and a full suite of data hygiene, data enrichment, and modeling services.

In addition, Deep Sync data can now be found in leading marketplaces–such as LiveRamp, Oracle Audiences, and Lotame. And, our solutions can be found in leading cloud environments–such as Snowflake, AWS, and Databricks.

Traditional Direct Marketing Data at Your Fingertips

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Looking for online access to more than a billion records from the nation’s leading data providers? AccuLeads is the industry’s best platform for building Direct Mail and Email audiences and offers several data solutions for targeting with precision.

Supercharge Your Social & Programmatic Campaigns

Enhance your digital campaign targeting options by accessing thousands of data segments from leading providers on Deep Sync One. Select from pre-packaged segments, build custom audiences, and analyze your customer data to identify target audiences with ease.

Meet Your New Data Team

Book time with our expert team to learn how our datasets and data solutions can take your business to new heights.