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The Lab is for all things Data Science. Check below for posts on marketing research, audience experimentation, data analytics, and the best methods for getting results.

Lookalike Audience Lock-In: The Perils and How to Overcome It

Platform-specific lookalike audiences just don’t cut it. Here’s what to do instead. As we enter a new era of AI, it’s exciting to see the developments in marketing and data analytics. Undoubtedly these will have profound effects on marketing—particularly on predictive...

First-Party Data: A Guide to Leveraging Customer Insights

In an increasingly digital age, data is the currency that drives business decisions and shapes customer experiences. Among the various datasets available to your business, first-party data (also known as 1pd or 1p data) stands out for its accuracy, relevance, and...

Trade Desk and Google DV360: New Beta Destinations in Deep Sync One

Unlock the power of programmatic advertising: The Trade Desk and Google DV360 are now beta destinations in Deep Sync One! We’re committed to providing unparalleled opportunities to Deep Sync One users; that’s why we’re excited to announce two new beta destinations in...

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