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Using B2B Data to Deliver 1,000%+ ROI in Facebook

by Dec 21, 2022Insights0 comments

DeepSync Labs (now Deep Sync One) client KNB Online works with leading Facebook advertisers to help them deliver ROI on campaign spend. KNB Online has successfully used 3rd party data to enhance targeting options and outcomes.


A high ticket consultant had his in person business decimated by COVID-19. He worked with KNB Online help digitize what he was doing live and in person.

KNB Online focused on finding quality B2B audiences by working with Oracle Data Cloud and Deep Sync. Even though B2B campaigns can be difficult to target on Facebook this focus on finding the right, specific audiences helped ensure they were able to scale spend and deliver amazing results for the client. KNB Online targeted the following audiences:

  • ODC-P > Small Business (B2B) > Business Growth > Growing Business > 2012447
  • ODC-P B2B > Sales Volume > $10,000,000-$25,000,000 > 9193
  • ODC-P B2B > Business Type > Small Business > 8424


Leveraging the client’s brand loyalty, KNB Online built a direct response format that they then drove the third-party data audiences to.

The client was able to generate $349,495 in consulting income on ad spend of just $28,705.14. It resulted in an impressive 1,117% ROI on ad spend which comes out to a 12.17 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

This campaign worked because we were able to find highly precise, niche audiences by using the [Deep Sync One] platform. In doing so we were able to build a hugely successful B2B campaign on Facebook’” -KNB Online


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