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Deep Sync’s Data Solutions on Snowflake

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Leverage Deep Sync’s Native Applications and Data Solutions on Snowflake, available now!

Many organizations value the flexibility and security of the cloud, but solving data challenges in the cloud hasn’t always been an option. To help businesses unlock the power of their data in a cloud-based, privacy-safe environment, Deep Sync offers multiple pathways to access our datasets and data solutions on Snowflake.

As the industry leader in deterministic identity, our data expertise makes us uniquely able to help Snowflake marketers ensure their data is clean, deduplicated, and standardized. Our background in direct mail means our name and address data is the most accurate in the U.S., covering roughly 97% of U.S. consumers age 18 and older and 85% of U.S. businesses. 

Currently, Deep Sync offers 13 easy-to-access, enterprise-level apps, solutions, and downloadable datasets in the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Use Deep Sync’s applications, downloadable datasets, and data solutions on Snowflake to:

  • Better understand the health of your first-party data
  • Clean disjointed datasets and create complete customer profiles
  • Validate customer records against a leading national data source
  • Normalize contact points and fill gaps when essential data is missing
  • Add meaning to your customer data by adding key demographic attributes, and more!

Here’s how our Snowflake offerings can help you clean, enhance, activate, and measure your data.

Solutions to Clean Your Data 

Complete Data Hygiene

Improve the quality of your first-party data at the click of a button by accessing Deep Sync’s Complete Data Hygiene service from within your Snowflake account. This process keeps address data current, removes errors and irregularities within the data, and flags undesirable profiles.

In addition to CASS™ address standardization, the service cleanses and updates customer data through NCOALINK®, Deep Sync PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address), and includes deceased, prison, and DMA Mail Preference suppressions. 

Deep Sync’s Complete Data Hygiene application on Snowflake improves first-party match rates when joining data inside clean rooms, helps marketers maintain complete and accurate CRM records, increases the efficacy of personalization, reduces wasted ad spend, improves the deliverability of direct mail campaigns, and more.

Data Quality Report

Examine your data with Deep Sync’s free Data Quality Report. This service provides valuable information on the health of your customer data, including the number of unique individuals, households, and overall matches to Deep Sync’s identity graph.

This report also provides the fill rate of additional data points that can be added to your file, including personal information and demographic, firmographic, and additional data attributes. 

The Data Quality Report service can help marketers:

  • Assess the value of obtaining a full physical address and/or phone numbers for records with only an email address.
  • Prepare for audience activation and improved match rates by adding incremental and updated personal information to your customer data.
  • Determine how appending essential demographic and/or lifestyle data attributes can improve your segmentation and personalization efforts.

Integrated Identity Resolution

Transform and organize fragmented data into clear individual and household records with Deep Sync’s Integrated Identity Resolution service. This service gives you a more holistic view of your customers by securely leveraging the Deep Sync data spine to transform fragmented data into individual-level records with persistent IDs.

By applying unique individual- and household-level IDs to your first-party data, this secure identity solution creates accurate, unified customer datasets. The unique IDs also enable deduplication while validating your customer records against Deep Sync’s identity graph, which is supported by weekly USPS® updates.

Address Validation and Correction

Replace inaccurate, incomplete addresses with Deep Sync’s Address Validation and Correction Service. This service improves data quality by leveraging weekly USPS® postal data updates to validate residential postal address assets and provide an updated postal address where applicable.

This service is ideal for use independent of or in conjunction with National Change of Address processing. Address Validation and Correction can help businesses enrich postal contact data, improve direct mail deliverability, increase match rates for offline-to-online activation, and maximize direct mail ROI amid postal rate increases.

Solutions to Enhance Your Data

Lookalike Audience Modeling

Scale your online and offline advertising efforts by targeting high-quality audiences that demographically resemble your current customers with Deep Sync’s Lookalike Audience Modeling service. This service leverages the intelligence in your customer data to create prospect audiences that mirror the consumers you value most.

Creating omnichannel lookalike audiences that use your own customer data as a seed for modeling enables you to grow your advertising efforts while maintaining the quality of your audiences. When you create a lookalike audience based on your customer data, you’ll be well-prepared to target the right audiences at scale across channels.

Customer Data Enrichment – Demographics, Financial, Homeownership, Location, Hobbies & Interests

Add value to your first-party data when you access Deep Sync’s Data Enrichment app. Our enrichment app features eight predefined packages you can append to create a more complete view of your current customers. 

Choose an individual package or combine them for comprehensive results. The available options include:

  • Geographic Attributes
  • Essential Demographics
  • Comprehensive Demographics
  • Financial Data
  • Homeownership
  • Hobbies & Interests: At Home
  • Hobbies & Interests: Health and Wellness
  • Hobbies & Interests: Entertainment, Travel, and Sports

This data enrichment service provides a detailed view of your customers’ behaviors, needs, and wants—allowing for effective segmentation, improved customer experiences, and accurate personalization.

Customer Record Enhancement – Add Age, Education, Income, Occupation, and 500+ Other Attributes

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors, needs, and wants with Deep Sync’s Customer Record Enhancement service. This service enables more effective customer segmentation, personalization, precision targeting, and tailored campaigns by enriching your data with a variety of demographic and interest attributes.

Enhance your records with valuable data attributes and contact details—matched to their postal or email addresses (HEMs)—including:

  • Age
  • Dwelling Type
  • Education Level
  • Gender
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Household Income
  • Interest and Lifestyle Attributes
  • Marriage Status
  • Modeled Credit Ranges
  • Net Worth
  • Occupation
  • And 500+ other attributes.

Use this additional information to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, develop customer segmentation, apply personalization, and improve audience targeting.

US ZIP Code Metadata – Populations, Geo Centroid Lat/Lng, City Names, State, DMA, Demographics

Enrich your customer data with a collection of U.S. ZIP Codes and their associated geographic properties, including latitude and longitude, DMA codes, cities, states, time zones, and more with this free metadata download. This data comes from a combination of deterministic, offline data sources, including the U.S. Census® Bureau and the U.S. Postal Service®.

By appending ZIP Code-level data to your address records, you can get a more complete view of your marketing footprint, perform successful location geocoding, and enrich your customer address data. This free data download can be used to determine the city and state of a given ZIP Code or the closest neighboring ZIP Code, calculate the distance between your business and your customers, and find the Designated Marketing Area (DMA) for a ZIP Code.

Average Income and Net Worth by U.S. ZIP Code (Financial Demographic Data)

Enable financial analysis with ZIP-level income and net worth data. This free data download features household average income and net worth at the Zip Code level. Income and net worth attributes are established from a variety of sources that include self-reported data, neighborhood-level income values, and local economic data.

This ZIP-level financial dataset includes income and net worth averages by 3- and 5-digit ZIP Code. It can be used to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the financial status of different areas of the country.
  • Review the financial makeup of households within your geographic or marketing footprint.
  • Target preferred ZIP Codes with income and net worth levels that match your marketing criteria and business needs.
  • Utilize ZIP-aggregated financial data as an overlay on your first-party data for analysis and the creation of marketing segments.

Interested in Learning More About Deep Sync Data? Consider Our Free U.S. Consumer Data Sample

Experience an enhanced consumer dataset that drives exceptional targeting and expanded coverage. Deep Sync’s free consumer data sample provides insight into our comprehensive selection of more than 600 attributes—no matter your chosen audience or end destination. Explore these offerings as you prepare for your next targeting or enhancement initiative.

Solutions for Data Activation and Measurement

Audience Activation for Facebook and TikTok

Improve Your offline-to-online social onboarding results with Audience Activation for Facebook and TikTok. This service uses direct integrations to reformat, enrich, and send your custom audiences for activation on Facebook and TikTok.

This process leverages Deep Sync’s robust identity graph, which includes a collection of online and offline supplemental identifiers, securely within Snowflake. Once activation is complete, you can log into your social Ad Accounts and begin advertising to these high-quality custom audiences.

In addition to more effective audience activation, this service can increase revenue opportunities by targeting current and prospective customers online, build awareness, and improve customer experiences.

Connect Offline Conversions to TikTok

Measure the influence of your TikTok campaigns when you Connect Offline Conversions to TikTok. This service determines the impact of your TikTok advertising initiatives on offline events—including in-store visits and purchases—through direct integrations that reformat, enrich, match, and deliver your data to the TikTok Offline Event API.

Once the process is complete, you can log into your TikTok Ad Account and determine what portion of your offline users interacted with your TikTok campaign. This can help your team understand and attribute the impact of your TikTok ads.

Connect Offline Conversions to Facebook

Similar to the TikTok integration, Connect Offline Conversions to Facebook determines how many customers engaged with your Facebook ads prior to converting. 

This service can help measure the impact of your Facebook advertising initiatives on offline events, including in-store visits and purchases, when Deep Sync facilitates the enrichment, matching, and delivery of your data to the Facebook Offline Conversion API.

Once the process is complete, you can log into your Facebook Ad Account and determine what portion of your offline users interacted with your Facebook campaign.

Facing data challenges? We have data solutions on Snowflake.

Deep Sync’s multi-dimensional, offline-to-online identity graph is built on a framework of direct mail-grade personal information linked to persistent identifiers, a collection of online identifiers, and a robust variety of data attributes to solve complex marketing challenges. Our identity graph powers seamless translation from channel to channel as well as the ability to activate data in offline, online, and cloud applications.

As the industry leader in deterministic identity, Deep Sync is well-equipped to help marketers, advertisers, and data scientists solve their biggest data challenges. Browse our secure downloadable datasets, data services, and native applications in the Snowflake Marketplace, today!


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