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Reach Students on Social with Targeted Data: Now on Deep Sync One

by Nov 15, 2023Audience Targeting, Social Media Advertising, Student and Young Adult Data0 comments

Fine-tune your youth marketing with best-in-class student marketing data from ASL Marketing on Deep Sync One!

Reaching and engaging with Gen Z consumers presents a huge opportunity for many brands. This generation comprises roughly 27% of the United States population. And as more members of Gen Z enter the workforce, their spending power increases. Eventually, this young demographic is expected to have $360 billion in disposable income. But, Generation Z marketing has been a challenge for many marketers. 

As digital natives—many of whom received their first smartphone just before their 12th birthdays—Gen Z consumers require different marketing strategies than previous generations. 64% of Gen Z smartphone users are constantly connected online and spend much of their time on social media. In fact, they spend as much time on their phones as older generations do watching television.

You need the right data to reach this tech-savvy and mobile-first generation with your student marketing campaigns. Good news: The high-quality student audiences marketers have trusted for decades are now available on Deep Sync One

Reach young consumers and their families with ASL Marketing’s exclusive student marketing data. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get in front of your target audience with this self-reported college and student data.

High-Quality Student Marketing Data at your Fingertips

Gen Z, compared to other generations, is more comfortable with targeted advertising—and may even prefer it. This makes high-quality student marketing data essential for successful social media marketing campaigns. With industry-leading youth data, you can be the first to reach your target audience. 

Be sure to get your data from a reliable provider like ASL Marketing, a Deep Sync brand. ASL data allows marketers to connect with youth and student audiences through:

  • Monthly updates that keep the data clean, accurate, and timely.
  • Self-reported and proprietary data sources that enable extensive coverage.
  • Data on more than a quarter of high school students and 60% of college students nationwide—giving you millions of records that your competitors don’t have access to.
  • Pure, unmodeled deterministic data for use in a variety of student-focused marketing applications.
Reach students on Deep Sync One with student marketing data

With data sourced exclusively from proprietary surveys, educational websites (for scholarships, loans, grants, etc.), public record information, and college directories, ASL Marketing has a decades-long history as a trusted partner that colleges, universities, and marketers rely on.

Now that this data is available on Deep Sync One, reaching college student audiences is easier than ever.

Reach Student Audiences on Social Media

Now that ASL Marketing’s student data is available on Deep Sync One, it’s easy to target college students on TikTok and Facebook. And, many Gen Z consumers prefer targeted advertisements: 37% of Gen Z consumers allow tracking to see more relevant ads, whereas most baby boomers opted out entirely.

To reach young adults online, make targeted data a part of your marketing strategy. Enhance your marketing campaign with more than 100 over-age-18 audience segments including college students by major, school type, and year; young adults ages 18-34; parents of high school students; and more!

Our Student Marketing Datasets

This data can be used to increase your targeting for more effective marketing campaigns.

Reach Gen Z on Social with Targeted Data

Choose from more than one hundred syndicated segments within Deep Sync One, including:

  • Parents of High School Students by Class Year
  • College-Bound High School Seniors
  • College Students by Major
  • College Students by Year
  • Graduation Gift Buyers
  • Millennials and Gen Z
  • First-Time Drivers
  • Prom Shoppers
  • College Intent
  • Military Intent

These datasets are ideal for targeting students on TikTok and Facebook. Whether you’re trying to reach prom-goers, SAT preppers, back-to-school shoppers, student-athletes, college-bound seniors, or more—we have the data you need to fuel your campaigns.

To explore ASL Marketing’s student audiences today, sign up for Deep Sync One. 

Custom audiences are available in addition to the ASL data segments in the marketplace. Contact us to discuss your ideal student audience.

About ASL Marketing: ASL Marketing, a Deep Sync brand, is the premier compiler of student-related data, supporting the direct marketing needs of educational institutions, agencies, and brands alike since 1972. ASL delivers the most accurate, comprehensive data in the student space with a strong focus on Gen Z markets and their parents, including high school students, college students, and young adults.

*Please note that all targeting of under-age-18 individuals is focused on the parent/guardian at the household level.*


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