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Deep Sync’s Native Applications in Snowflake Marketplace

by Jul 21, 2023Company Updates0 comments

Deep Sync brings deterministic identity and enhancement capabilities to the Snowflake ecosystem.

Deep Sync—a leading provider of omnichannel data solutions including audience targeting, customer insights, and identity resolution—has launched a suite of native applications in the Snowflake marketplace.

“Clean, accurate 1st party data is the foundation of successful marketing. Snowflake is proud to partner with Deep Sync, which has developed native applications on our platform to support hygiene, identity resolution, and enrichment of 1st party audiences in a seamless, privacy-preserving manner.” — David Wells, Industry Principal, Snowflake

Snowflake clients rely on the Data Cloud Platform to collate, store, and analyze data. Deep Sync is therefore excited to support Snowflake users by:

  • Resolving customer data to a people-based or household ID
  • Enriching data with a rich set of demographic, financial, interest, and transactional attributes
  • Enhancing data with additional PII
  • Standardizing name and address information

Deep Sync’s expertise makes us uniquely able to help Snowflake marketers ensure their data is clean, deduplicated, and standardized.

Our background in direct mail means our name and address data is the most accurate in the U.S. Our data covers roughly 97% of U.S. consumers and 85% of U.S. businesses on a weekly basis. This data includes decades of change-of-address information, allowing Deep Sync to resolve duplicate records to a common identifier based on consumer movement over time.

Additionally, Deep Sync can group consumers residing in the same household together by assigning a common household ID. This identity process helps clients find the most accurate, up-to-date, and usable consumer record within their database while allowing historical records (and associated data) to be merged together.

As an extension of Deep Sync’s identity capabilities, we can enhance customer records with both additional PII and attributes. For example, if a client has been collecting name and address information for years but now wants to build out email coverage, they can work with Deep Sync in Snowflake to add these additional identifiers directly into their Snowflake account.

There are hundreds of potential attributes clients can append to their Snowflake records, including income, household composition, home ownership information, and B2B firmographic data.

“This partnership opens up new possibilities for Snowflake users to enhance their data, improve analysis and segmentation, and make more informed business decisions. We are thrilled to collaborate with Snowflake and bring our deterministic identity and enhancement capabilities to their ecosystem.” – Grant Ries, CEO of Deep Sync

Getting started is easy: simply search for “Deep Sync” in the Snowflake Marketplace, install the app, and then Deep Sync will perform a quick audit on your data to provide key insights, including unique individuals, households, and match rates to our robust identity graph.


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