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Trade Desk & Google DV360: New Beta Destinations in Deep Sync One

by Aug 4, 2023Company Updates, Programmatic Advertising0 comments

Unlock the power of programmatic advertising: The Trade Desk and Google DV360 are now available destinations in Deep Sync One!

We’re committed to providing unparalleled opportunities to Deep Sync One users; that’s why we’re excited to announce two new beta destinations in the Deep Sync One platform. With just a few clicks, you can now send Deep Sync data to your Trade Desk or Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) account.

Programmatic advertising continues to be a game-changer for marketers and advertisers. Improve your programmatic targeting capabilities with Deep Sync’s high-quality datasets.

What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses automated technology to buy and sell digital ad space. This type of ad buying streamlines the process by leveraging AI technology and algorithms. 

Programmatic advertising is beneficial because it can:

  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Help advertisers reach the right audience
  • Maximize ROI by increasing ad effectiveness

The many benefits of programmatic advertising have made it one of the most influential digital marketing tools. In 2021, programmatic ad spending reached $418.4 billion globally. By 2026, this figure will likely hit $725 billion.

Programmatic advertising is especially popular in the United States—more than any other country. In fact, programmatic spend is expected to grow by 16.9% in the U.S. in 2023.

But as programmatic advertising grows in popularity, channels will become more crowded. To ensure ads reach the right audience, high-quality targeted audience data is critical.

Programmatic advertising platforms: The Trade Desk vs Google DV360

Programmatic advertising platforms have transformed the way marketers and advertisers reach their audiences. Two of these platforms are The Trade Desk and Google DV360, which are now available as beta destinations in Deep Sync One.

According to Fyr, Google DV360 “is a powerful programmatic advertising platform that offers extensive audience targeting capabilities,” and is able to display ads across many networks across the internet.

Similarly, The Trade Desk is a “cloud-based, data-driven platform [that] helps [its] customers reach their customers with targeted display, video, Connected TV, audio, native, and social ads across every device.”

While there are differences between The Trade Desk and Google DV360, Deep Sync audiences are now available to help marketers reach specific audiences on both platforms. This integration will make it possible for marketers and advertisers to send Deep Sync data to these platforms and target specific audiences across devices and channels.

Having access to these platforms through Deep Sync One offers significant advantages for advertisers and marketers, such as:

Expanded reach across channels

Both The Trade Desk and Google DV360 provide access to a variety of publishers and ad inventory. This extensive reach enables marketers and advertisers to deliver their messages across channels and devices.

Precise Audience Targeting

With Deep Sync data now available on these platforms, advertisers can ensure their ads reach relevant audience segments. These precise targeting abilities optimize campaigns, allowing for superior ROI.

Analytics and Insights

Programmatic advertising platforms, including The Trade Desk and Google DV360, offer insights into campaign performance. By sending targeted audience data to these platforms, advertisers can optimize their campaigns, maximize ad spend, and drive better results.

How it works:

To access these destinations in the Deep Sync One platform, navigate to the Destinations tab and click “Add Destination.” The on-screen prompts will guide you through the setup for your TTD or Google DV360 account.  

Once destination setup is complete, you’ll see new pricing details available for marketplace segments eligible for use on The Trade Desk and Google DV360. To view pricing details for a given segment, click on “View Details.” For more information on the different fee models and how they work, please see our blog post on digital data pricing.

Please note that both The Trade Desk and DV360 are platform-billed destinations, meaning that your Deep Sync account will not be charged directly or track usage. Instead, data costs will be tracked and billed in your Trade Desk or Google account and reported back to Deep Sync. 

Take advantage of programmatic beta destinations on Deep Sync One

Programmatic advertising has revolutionized digital marketing. With the addition of The Trade Desk and Google DV360 as beta destinations on Deep Sync One, advertisers now have the data they need to succeed in a competitive landscape.

If you’re looking to expand your reach and target the right audience, Deep Sync’s data unlocks a world of possibilities. Get started: Sign up for a Deep Sync One account, today!


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